Gratuitous Pippa: Crossing The Finish Line

OMG Famous

Here is an unsolicited, completely unnecessary photo of Pippa Middleton running a triathlon in Woodstock, England. We can't fully explain our blogcrush on the star bridesmaid, but we can't stop LOOKING AT PICTURES OF HER. The Famous -- nay, the world! -- has Pippa fever, and every day, there's a new batch of images. Last week, she caused photo agencies to explode when she showed up to the French Open, causing us to wonder if she secretly loved the attention. (We suspect she does.)

Anyway, we confess to living somewhat vicariously through the 27-year-old sister of Kate: she's pretty, she's fun, she has great style and she doesn't seem to have a job. Who wants to work all day when you can GO BOATING IN MADRID? Or roam the Spanish ciudad with a band of discreetly loyal Pipparettes? Or attend glamorous beach parties?

Yep, there are definite perks to being the Other Middleton Girl.