Gerard Butler and Jessica Biel Ride a Motorcycle

OMG Famous

While Justin Timberlake seems to be linked to a new starlet with each passing day -- Ashley Olsen, Mila Kunis, Olivia Wilde, to name a few -- not much has been heard from Jessica Biel since the couple's split.

Until this weekend. (Hopefully you read that sentence in Ominous Movie Trailer Narrator Voice.)

TMZ has just published a 40-picture (!) slideshow of Biel riding on the back of Gerard Butler's motorcycle down the PCH in Malibu over the weekend. The two were rumored to be friendly on the set of "Playing the Field," the movie they recently shot in Shreveport, Louisiana, but this is the first sign that they may be more than friends.

People has some quotes from observers on set which are pretty hilarious.

Like this one:

"He knows he looks good," the onlooker tells PEOPLE. "If I were her, I'd hook up with him. She looks good, too, and she knew she looked good, swinging her hips around."

Also this one:

"Gerry has a large personality, and everyone, including Jessica, gets caught up in his world," one insider tells PEOPLE.

We know this is all probably just some sort of publicity stunt, but you guys could have at least smiled for your (probably staged) motorcycle pics.