George Clooney Brings Stacy Keibler to Toronto Film Festival

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After much "are they or aren't they?" confusion, we finally have photographic evidence that George Clooney is indeed dating former WWE wrestler Stacy Keibler. The actor-director-commitmentphobe invited Keibler to the Toronto Film Festival premiere of his new film "The Ides of March," and it was her Cinderella moment: she arrived to Friday night's event dressed to impress in a body-hugging black velvet mini-dress, bombshell hair and laquered red lips; there's no better coming-out-as-the-girlfriend-of-George-Clooney impression than that. The next night Keibler joined Clooney at the premiere for his other big movie, "The Descendants." The sunny blonde, 31, wore a black sleeveless dress with ruffles, as if to convey the message, "I am a sophisticated, serious A-list girlfriend."

One hitch: Clooney took care to avoid getting photographed with Keibler, as if to convey the message, "I am a single, serious movie star who is not dating Stacy Keibler." Getty Images snapped the pair chatting up Bono at the "Descendents" party, but that image "cannot be licensed online." Translation: Clooney does not trust the internet.

When asked over the weekend what she liked about Clooney -- in one word -- Keibler told "Everything!"

But does Clooney like everything about Keibler? If this thing lasts past Oscar season, we'd be surprised.