Estella Warren Charged With DUI, Assaulting a Police Officer

OMG Famous

Estella Warren is facing a maximum of six months in jail for her crazy, drunken crime spree in which she kicked a cop -- and then tried to run away. According to, the "Planet of the Apes" actress has been charged with four misdemeanors: DUI, hit-and-run, battery on a police officer and resisting a police officer. Warren will be arraigned next Friday, and could very likely end up behind bars for months. It all went down last month, when the 32-year-old former Maxim model drove away after hitting three parked cars with her Toyota Prius. Cops tracked her down and arrested her for DUI; Warren, none too pleased, responded by kicking an officer. A little later at the police station, she somehow got loose from her handcuffs .... and attempted to run out the back door. MISSION FAILURE.