Demi Lovato’s Father Releases Her Childhood Photos

OMG Famous

After Disney star Demi Lovato entered a treatment center last week, her father Patrick -- whom reportedly hasn't seen his daughter since 2008 -- decided to nevertheless give an exclusive interview about her, in which he talked about the pressures of Hollywood and said he had been worried about risks to his daughter's mental health when she signed with Disney. (He also weighed in on rumors of bullying and cutting, though it was clear he knew very little about what had led to his daughter's breakdown.)

Unsurprisingly, most people were not thrilled about Demi's father's remarks. He received death threats (including one nailed to his fence), and Demi's mother and Patrick's ex-wife Dianna was also dismayed by the comments, according to Page Six.

But there's apparently no stopping Patrick Lovato! This morning he released a collection of photos of a young, smiling Demi to Radar Online, along with the statement: "I want my little partner back, I want Demi to come back to me. I know she's doing well and she's going to pull through this," adding that Demi was the "most lovable child ever."

This guy seems to be well on his way to achieving something we all would have assumed was impossible: making Michael Lohan look like a total mensch.

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