Is Demi Lovato’s Dad The Next Michael Lohan?

OMG Famous

After Disney star Demi Lovato checked into a medical center for treatment on Monday, her father Patrick did the only natural thing for a parent to do the day after his 18-year-old daughter saw her very personal problems become national headlines: He blabbed about her to the press.

Patrick - who reportedly hasn't seen his daughter since 2008 and hasn't spoken to her in "a couple of months" - gave a long interview to Tuesday, in which he said he's confident Demi will be okay: "She'll be fine... She's strong alright."

Patrick, who is divorced from Demi's mom, seems to think his daughter's breakdown was somewhat inevitable. "There are a lot of pressures. That is one of the things I worried about when she signed with Disney... It's just going to happen." (As if parodying the way this cruel machine works, Radar includes a link to a "Hottest Reformed Celebrity Partiers In Bikinis" slide show in the middle of the interview.)

As for the rumors surrounding Demi's past behavior, Patrick doesn't really seem to know all that much. He said her admission to the medical center came as a surprise to him (he did mention that it's not a "drug addiction center"). He wouldn't comment on rumors she's cut herself. And he said he "didn't know" that she had been bullied in school. If the guy really wants to be the new Michael Lohan, he needs to set up a Google alert for his daughter's name ASAP.

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