Dakota Fanning: Too Famous for the NYU Dorms

OMG Famous

NYU freshman Dakota Fanning is bypassing dorm life to live in the lap of luxury in Soho. The New York Post reports that the 17-year-old "Twilight" starlet opted for a two-bedroom rental in the same luxury condo where John Mayer keeps an apartment. (Dakota: if Mayer comes a-knocking, don't open the door. Just blast this until he goes away.)

Fanning's not the only famous NYU-er to forgo the dorms. In 2004, the Olsen twins got a bachelorette pad in Greenwich Village; their fame caused such a commotion at school that living off-campus was the best option. And they could afford it. Unlike most ramen-eating, communal-showering, weird roommate-having college freshmen.

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