Colin Firth Now Publishing Scientific Papers

OMG Famous

As if Colin Firth weren't dreamy enough -- what with his Academy Award and Mr. Darcy-ness and his accent -- he has to go and co-author a published neuroscience paper.

Yes, Firth is one of four authors on a Current Biology report, which he commissioned after guest editing a segment on a radio program in December. The research looked at the brains of politicians to see if there was any difference between the brains of liberals and conservatives. (The answer: there is.)

A NYU professor told Psychologist magazine, "It is a useful contribution because it builds on and extends previous work... It will probably be several years before we understand the full meaning of these results. In the meantime, the field of political neuroscience could do worse than having Colin Firth as a scientific ambassador."

Perhaps not quite as sexy as revealing to the world you can speak fluent French, but unexpected and impressive nevertheless.