Celebrity Couples Get Romantic This Thanksgiving

OMG Famous

Sometimes it seems like celebrities have some sort of secret communication system which they use to make sure they're all on the same page ("Let's all eat at The Lion and all wear purple this fall.") Apparently the memo that went out last week was that this Thanksgiving was meant to be spent in romantic fashion. Family gatherings and soup kitchen photo-ops? Totally passe.

In addition to Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhaal, who spent a cross-country, coffee-fueled weekend together, here are some of the other celebrity couples who celebrated Thanksgiving as if it were Valentine's Day:

-- Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez, who are apparently dating again, showed off their taut and glistening bodies in Mexico, making us all feel just great about that third piece of apple pie we scarfed Thursday night.

-- New couple Kim Kardashian and (Halle Berry ex) Gabriel Aubry went to... Burlesque. "Gaaaaaabriel, omggg, we went to a basketball game on our last date... can we pleeeeeeeease go to a movie I want to see today?" is what we're guessing Kim said before the date.

-- Joe Jonas and Ashley Greene spent Thanksgiving with Greene's family, before they were spotted walking their dogs and stopping by Trader Joe's in Los Angeles on Friday. Decidedly dull activities for the decidedly dull couple!

-- Ryan Seacrest and Julianne Hough spent Thanksgiving in Paris with Hough's family where they walked around town as if they were modeling for a Burberry ad campaign. They reportedly stopped by a Christian Louboutin boutique where they purchased "no less than three pairs" of new shoes, an amount Blake Lively would consider enough for a meager stocking stuffer at best.

-- And while they weren't accompanied by boyfriends (that we know of), Chelsea Handler and Jennifer Aniston jetted to Cabo San Lucas with fifteen of their friends for a weekend of "relaxing, drinking and eating." Aniston "looked amazingly fit," a source said, and "seemed to have a great time just relaxing and hanging out with her friends." Or, as we're meant to interpret that, "She was totally single and totally alone on Thanksgiving and she is definitely never going to have babies."