Celebrities Are The .01 Percent: Time To Make Them Pay?

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It is beyond ridiculous that Kim Kardashian reportedly earns more than $10,000 per tweet -- or that Snooki was paid a whopping $32,000 to speak at Rutgers University. (Controversially, the "Jersey Store" roast chicken netted $2K more than fellow Rutgers speaker -- and Nobel Prize-winning author -- Toni Morrison.)

Over at the Huff Po, blogger Jo Piazza is launching an "Occupy Hollywood" campaign to even out the wealth disparity between the famous and the non-famous:

You, the consumer, can stop buying their products simply because they are hocking them. Don't buy a drink because Jennifer Aniston told you to. Don't go to a store just because Tori Spelling tweeted that she liked clothes. Don't pick up the latest celebrity fragrance or diet supplement, and don't grab a snack just because Snooki likes it too.

Piazza's manifesto urges stars to take their entourages off the payroll and hire non-BFFs instead:

The best way to redistribute wealth is to urge celebrities to create a trickle-down effect for their enormous incomes. They need to employ more Americans to do more things. For example, if they start a handbag line, they need to make sure it is manufactured in the United States. Also, opposed to hiring only friends and family to work with, they should consider hiring a team of hardworking Americans who need jobs and health insurance.

Celebrities should be part of the solution. They have the power to craft a new New Deal. Celebrities need to use their influence to make sure a large part of the egregious salaries granted to them gets down to the people who need it the most -- namely, the 99 percent.

We can get down with that! (Imagine how many jobs the Kardashians could create if they spun off reality shows for other people besides themselves.)

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