BREAKING: Jason Sudeikis Successfully Seduces Eva Mendes

OMG Famous

Jason "Laying the Groundwork" Sudeikis' smooth skills of seduction have apparently paid off: the deceptively unassuming actor-comedian is quietly dating bombshell actress Eva Mendes, Page Six reports. 

How did the "Horrible Bosses" star reel in such a Hottie McHotterson? Read more about his methods of operation here. And here.

Sudeikis and Mendes, who must have ended her 10-year relationship with boyfriend George Augusto, were spotted in New York City on a double dinner date with Jason Bateman and his wife, Amanda Anka. (Is it just us, or is Bateman constantly double dating with co-stars? First Jennifer Aniston, now Sudeikis. Perhaps his publicist is "canoodling" with Page Six.)

"Eva and Jason went out for a smoke break, and he told her, 'We make a great team,'" says an eyewitness at L'Artusi, an Italian restaurant in the West Village.

What a line. And it's allegedly working.