The Breakdown: Red Rihanna

OMG Famous

Here's Rihanna at Westfield shopping centre in London, looking like early Whitney Houston styled by Christmas. This is because the singer was called upon to help the department store turn on the holiday lights. Is Rihanna perhaps overdosing on "the red"? Yes. But somehow it works.

Let's break it down, shall we?

1. The hair: Houston, circa "How Will I Know," would approve. Big hair, big bow, big diva.

2. The outfit: Kinda conservative for the avant-garde Rihanna -- even with the low-cut neutral bustier against the bright red skirt. Has she been influenced by bestie Katy Perry? Rihanna looks very retro-cute, like Perry; imitation is the sincerest form of flattery! Consider this a sartorial shout-out for skipping Perry's wedding.

3. The jewelry: All gold, from the bangles to the earrings to the necklace. The effect classes up what could otherwise look like a clownish costume.

4. The taupe shoes: We don't like them! But what other shade could she wear? Nothing goes with this look. Nothing. But it makes sense - on Rihanna. Or Katy Perry.

Meanwhile, not to sound harsh but, given Mariah Carey's latest holiday album, couldn't Mimi turn on Westfield's lights rather than RiRi? That would make even more sense.