The Breakdown: ‘Real Housewives’ Pet Giggy Outshines Owner Lisa Vanderpump

OMG Famous

Warning: this image could make you melt into a puddle of cuteness-induced mush. If you don't know him already, then be delighted to meet Giggy: He's the third -- and favorite -- child of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Lisa Vanderpump and her husband, Ken.

He's also the Pippa Middleton of dogs. Vanderpump made the mistake of bringing Giggy to her promotional appearance at Sirius Radio in New York on Thursday. Naturally, the pocket-sized powder puff got all the attention.

Let's break down this adorableness, shall we?

The Face: Squee!

The Hair: Brushed, teased and fluffed to perfection. Vanderpump would have it no other way. (Giggy gets the royal treatment, always. We presume that includes access to the finest puppy spas Beverly Hill has to offer.)

The Outfit: He's much too young to wear such a mature-looking, bejeweled sweatsuit -- very "Golden Girls" -- but based on his ecstatic smile, it looks like he's totally digging the ensemble. We must give him props for pulling off a look other dogs could not.

Not since Grandma Wrinkles has there been such a photogenic and charismatic reality-TV pet.

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