The Breakdown: Amber Heard And Elle Fanning Need Professional Help

OMG Famous

Behold this image of amiable actresses Amber Heard and Elle Fanning.

One is not like the other. Both are poorly dressed. Both failed to bring their respective A-games to the star-studded red carpet at the 5th Annual Hollywood Film Awards Gala in Beverly Hills Monday night.

Let's break down this double disaster:

Heard's Look: "Ariel is now human and needs a stylist."

Fanning's Look: "Dress stolen from Hailee Steinfeld's 'True Grit' wardobe closet. Hair inspired by American Girl doll Kirsten."

Their Looks, Photographed Together: a clashing catastrophre of awkwardness and trying-too-hard-to-be-different-but-not-pulling-it-off.

If Heard and Fanning consulted stylists for this event (which also attracted sartorial tastemakers Michelle Williams, Carey Mulligan and Anne Hathaway), then it's not clear they're getting their money's worth -- unless they absolutely lovelovelove the dresses. (And in that case, not even Rachel Zoe could save these two.)

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