Who Should Blake Lively Date Next?

OMG Famous

Blake Lively is in an enviable spot. She's racking up movie roles, landing "Vogue" covers all over the place... and now, after splitting with her long time boyfriend ("Gossip Girl" co-star Penn Badgley), she will almost certainly soon be dating someone very, very famous.

The tabloids are breathlessly waiting for Blake to choose her next boyfriend: after she dined with Leonardo DiCaprio and, uh, six other people at a business dinner at New York restaurant The Lion, almost every gossip columnist -- presumably after taking a Valium or two -- scribed bold-faced "Blake Lively And Leonardo DiCaprio Have Insanely Romantic Dinner!!!" headlines. We can only brace ourselves for the tabloid treatment she'll receive when she actually starts dating someone.

Since Blake is no doubt overwhelmed with all of the choices at her disposal, we've decided to help her out and narrow down the field to five potential men.

1. Ryan Gosling

Blake was spotted with the "Blue Valentine" actor at Disneyland a few weeks before her split from Badgley was announced, which got the rumor mill a-churning. Gosling seems like a good pick for Blake: He's like the hipster-y, plaid-wearing indie actor that Penn Badgley wishes he could be. He also would lend Blake some actor-ly cred that would perhaps help in her quest for legitimacy.

2. Ryan Reynolds

Yes, we know Blake's "Green Lantern" co-star is married (to some homely woman... we forget her name). But seriously, LOOK AT THESE TWO TOGETHER.

3. Chace Crawford

Considering Blake's "Gossip Girl" character Serena van der Woodsen took up with Nate (played by Crawford) after dating Dan (Badgley) for the show's first season, if the two paired up in real life, it would be "meta" (always a plus) and kind of awesome and might actually get us interested in "Gossip Girl" again.

4. Mark Sanchez

While lesser celebrities like Carrie Underwood and Hilary Duff are forced to settle for athletes no one has heard of, Blake can have any one she wants. And since Brady and Beckham are taken, the famous and handsome New York Jets quarterback seems an optimal choice.

5. Alec Baldwin

This one is a "joke" (as opposed to the previous four, which are deadly serious, of course). Recently Baldwin was asked who he'd like to see pose naked in a PETA ad and, rather than laughing the question off, Baldwin responded "Blake Lively." And he didn't stop there! " I think she's a really really gorgeous woman, very stylish," he said. Again, we're not serious about this one, Blake. Please don't start dating Alec Baldwin. That would be weird.