‘Bachelor’ Ben Flajnik Keeps Getting Dumped

OMG Famous

If you watched "The Bachelorette" last season, then you'll recall Ben Flajnik as the sensitive winemaker from Sonoma who failed to win Ashley Hebert's final rose. (It was between Flajnik and New York City-based construction manager J.P. Rosenbaum. Rosenbaum won.) Anyway, as his consolation prize, Flajnik was awarded the opportunity to fend off 25 future wives as the new "Bachelor," currently taping.  Turns out, yet again, he's getting passed over for another guy -- in this case, a producer. Our colleague over at The Set -- the esteemed Lindsay Robertson -- reports:

According to Reality Steve, who is so often correct about what's going to happen on "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette" that there's a running conspiracy theory that he's actually paid by the show to leak details but be intentionally wrong sometimes in order to keep viewers tuning in (okay, well, that's my running conspiracy theory but I've seen it elsewhere, too!), another contestant on "The Bachelor," which is in production now, has fallen for one of the show's producers instead of her Designated Object of Affection, Ben Flajnik.

As it happens, an illicit producer-contestant hookup has gone down before -- most recently on Jake Pavelka's season, when Rozlyn Papa fell for a guy behind the scenes. As Robertson observes, hilariously: "It's almost as if you can't take a person and put them on TV and point to another person and say, "Be in love with that!" and have it work every single time!

If this whole finding-love-on-reality-TV doesn't work out for Flajnik, he could always try again with Jennifer Love Hewitt. Oh wait, she's moved on.

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