Ali Lohan Resembles Dina (Not Lindsay) in Modeling Debut

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While Lindsay has been busying herself with courtroom drama and delayed community service, her younger sister Ali is making her public debut as a 17-year-old model.

Once noted for her facial similarities to her actress big sister, Aliana is looking more and more like mother Dina as she grows up, matching her mother's angular facial structure as she fast approaches her 18th birthday in December.

From the cover of Fault Magazine  (and the photoshoot inside), it is clear Ali has developed a style distinctly her own, though. Favoring prominent eyebrows and a dramatic dark bob, the littlest Lohan is clothed in a shiny retro-futuristic dress in one shot and a big-shouldered white sweater in another.

Ali actually looks closer to Greta Garbo than to Lindsay in the striking black-and-white photos, so don't be surprised if you see her on the silver screen before too long. That being said, Ali does have a distinct similarity to her sister that's very apparent in the photos emphasizing her neck: It looks like Ali can match Lindsay freckle-for-freckle. (Not that that's a bad thing! Freckles are endearing and adorable. Some of our best friends have freckles.)

-- Joseph Brannigan Lynch

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