Alec Baldwin Joins Twitter, Randomness Ensues

OMG Famous

Alec Baldwin is one of those celebrities who people always say "should be on Twitter." By popular demand, Baldwin has finally joined the social-networking site with the username @Alec_Baldwin. The actor has amassed some 54,700-plus followers since his first tweet on May 27, so while that's nowhere near Charlie Sheen levels, the number is bound to grow as word gets out. Already, he's posted random musings about booze, spicy mayonnaise, various current events and anything else that crosses his mind.

His MVP tweets: 

*"My friend Steve M is an art lover, a thespian and plays music. Or, an arthritic."

*"Friend told me today not to drink and tweet."

*"Drunken HUNT FOR RED OCTOBER test ..... Say 'Magneto-hydrodynamic drive' three times fast. With a Scottish accent."

There's more where that came from, plus a lot of links to New York Times stories.

Read anything else, Alec?