Actor Ezra Miller Defends Tilda Swinton’s ‘Bravery’ In Admitting She Tried To Kill Her Brother

OMG Famous

Tilda Swinton recently made the shocking confession that she tried to kill her baby brother when she was about 5 years old.

The eccentric actress portrays the mother of a school shooter in the dark drama "We Need To Talk About Kevin," co-starring Ezra Miller as her murderous son. The up-and-coming actor came to Swinton's defense in an interview with The Famous on Thursday.

"I see where she was probably coming from -- she's just badass. I'm glad she didn't (kill her brother)," said Miller, calling her admission "a testament to her bravery."

"We've all had impulses of wanting to kill people, and wanting to be people, wanting to have sex with people," he riffed. Like, it's a brave thing to say it in a public forum. Admit it and put it out in the open for people to then judge on any number of superficial levels. It makes a beautiful real-life parallel to the film."

Miller, 18, is simultaneously self-serious and prone to statements of jokey exaggeration: if he weren't an actor, then he would like to be "a molecule of carbon, like, floating somewhere in the stratosphere." Also, he thinks people who hate their jobs should just quit and "live on a farm." (Tell that to Occupy Wall Street.)

The New Jersey native has a bright career ahead of him: besides "Kevin," he nails another bleak role as Ellen Barkin's troubled son in the indie film "Another Happy Day" and will soon be seen as a happy-go-lucky high school student in the "Perks of Being a Wallflower," opposite Emma Watson.

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