18 Things Miley Cyrus Should Do Before Turning 18

OMG Famous

Miley Cyrus turns 18 in a few weeks - November 23rd to be exact! Even though she has conquered the pop charts, dated older men and danced on a pole, there is still so much for her to accomplish before she reaches this major milestone.

A bucket list for 18 things the pop star should do before she turns the big 1-8, provided by The Famous:

1. Not vote.

2. Not buy cigarettes.

3. Not listen to Annie Leibovitz on, say, a controversial Vanity Fair photoshoot (until she turns 18).

4. Not participate in underage drinking (unless she's in Spain.) 

5. Go to a real high school dance. Not a fake one Billy Ray set up to make it appear as if she was not home-schooled by Disney.

6. Go to Disneyland for fun - not work!

7. Go wild and teepee someone's house. (Suggestion: La casa de Nick Jonas.)

8. Reactivate her Twitter account so we can read her "stay strong" shoutouts to fellow Disney star Demi Lovato. What does Cyrus think about Lovato's apparent breakdown? We'll never know!

9. Stay strong as her parents go through a divorce.

10. Meanwhile, don't read this.

11. Too late? Then throw out all her Bret Michaels albums.

12. And stop recording songs with him. 

13. Instead, go apple-picking with Taylor and Jake.

14. Then co-write a song with Taylor about apple-picking with Jake.

15. Trade Silly Bandz with Jake.

16. Visit Lindsay in rehab.

17. And tell little sister Noah to act her age and play in the backyard or something.

18. Enjoy being 17 ... for 18 more days.