10 Flat-Chested Stars Who Should Never Get Boob Jobs

OMG Famous

Today we mourn the loss of Nicole Richie's flat chest. Richie remains an adorable and delightful celebutante, but her small boobs will be missed. (Especially by small boobed ladies who are underrepresented in the Silicone Valley that is Hollywood.) Fret not! Here are 10 celebrity holdouts who boldly refuse to go under the knife: 

--Keira Knightley

--Cameron Diaz

--Gwyneth Paltrow

--Natalie Portman

--Selma Blair

--Rachel Zoe

--Rachel McAdams

--Claire Danes

--Debra Messing

--Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (They add up to one person. Any surgical enhancement in the chest area would look weird, wouldn't it?)

Don't do it, ladies. Don't do it.

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