‘Criminal Minds’ star Thomas Gibson’s sexy hot tub video leaked by fake girlfriend

Alina Seagal
The Juice

"Criminal Minds" star Thomas Gibson has been tricked by a fake girlfriend. Now, this awkward selfie video of shirtless Gibson rambling into a camera while soaking in a hot tub is making the waves online.

"Yes, I have clothes on," he says into the camera.

An unnamed Twitter user apparently pulled a catfish move by charming Gibson with a provocative photo of ‘herself,’ TMZ reports. The image and other photos and videos that followed later, were actually lifted by the imposter from various porn sites, but reportedly tricked Gibson for about two years. That's how the actor, who's married with children, started sending his own images and videos to the woman.

Here's what Gibson had to say about this story on Twitter:

According to TMZ reports, the couple's online relationship ended abruptly a few months ago when the woman, who is from North Dakota, received a letter from the actor's lawyers ordering her to stop communicating with him. Gibson had found out that her pictures were actually from exclusive content sites such as LoveGisele.

The fake girlfriend's move? The woman says she had feelings for Gibson and the video he had sent her is now features on TMZ.

But can you really call it a "sexy hot tub video?" Let us know in the comments below.

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