Kristen Wiig: Sometimes I Need to ‘Dance Really Hard’

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Kristen Wiig poses with fellow SNL castmember Seth Meyers.
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Kristen Wiig poses with fellow SNL castmember Seth Meyers.

Despite the fact she's been on "Saturday Night Live" for a whopping seven seasons, most of the country didn't even know who Kristen Wiig was until a little Judd Apatow film called "Bridesmaids" -- which Wiig co-wrote and starred in -- came out last year and became a huge success both critically and at the box office. Since then, she's become arguably the most famous female comic actress in America. But, the 38-year-old says in the March issue of Vogue that suddenly becoming a household name hasn't been all that big of a deal.

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"People assume your life changes more than it does," Wiig shares with the magazine. "If anything, people see me differently, and yes, there are opportunities."

For the majority of the year, the late-night sketch show that started it all for the actress, takes up most of her time. "It's a six-and-a-half-day week," Wiig explains, though some of the job requirements (an after-party and "after-after-party," for example) sure do sound like fun. "This year I've been an after-after sort of girl. Sometimes I need to blow off steam and go dance really hard."

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And, of course, she's been in high demand in the film world lately, starring in the new ensemble comedy "Friends With Kids" along with fellow "Bridesmaids" alums Jon Hamm and Maya Rudolph. She'll also be delving into her first leading dramatic role in a film, ironically titled "The Comedian," opposite Robert DeNiro.

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Co-starring in major movies along with iconic actors like DeNiro may be a reality now, but Wiig probably wouldn't have believed it more than 15 years ago when she moved to Los Angeles, began training at the improv theater The Groundlings, and worked multiple part-time jobs to make ends meet. One, she remembers as being especially challenging.

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"I answered phones in a law office. This is going to make me sound so stupid, but the phone system was so confusing, I literally couldn't figure it out," she confesses. "Someone explained it to me. 'OK-well-you-press-this-and-you-put-them-on-hold-and-you-have-to-trans­fer-them-through-this-thing-and-then-you-have-to-press-these-two-buttons-and-press-0-0. . . .'"

Lucky for fans, she quit her day job.

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