Jennifer Aniston Explains How She Named New Puppy

Kathleen Perricone
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Jennifer Aniston talks about her new puppy on
Jennifer Aniston talks about her new puppy on

For animal-lover Jennifer Aniston, it was a heartbreaking moment when she had to pick just one puppy from an abandoned litter of 10 at a Los Angeles-area shelter recently. After more than three hours of playing with the little furry ones with boyfriend Justin Theroux, "I was almost walking out with three puppies," the actress told Jay Leno on "The Tonight Show" while promoting her new comedy, "Wanderlust" on Friday. "That's why we named her Sophie, because it was [like the Meryl Streep movie] 'Sophie's Choice.' I was crying -- it was so hard." But Aniston and Theroux knew they had picked the right pup -- or rather, she picked them. "Sophie came right up to us," she added. "That was sort of a big indicator -- they choose you."

And just a few weeks later, the pit bull mix is right at home in her famous owner's mansion. During the "Tonight Show" appearance, Aniston -- whose beloved Corgi, Norman, died last May at the age of 15 -- also shared a few photos of her new pooch (she also has a white German shepherd, Dolly), drawing a collective "aww" from the audience. In one picture, the black-and-white puppy is fast asleep in Aniston's bed on her back with all four paws up in the air, which Leno couldn't help but make a joke about. "Naked on her back? I'm surprised you didn't name her Chelsea Handler!" he cracked about Aniston's good friend.

Sophie has been a popular topic for her new owner as she's been making the rounds on the talk show circuit. On "Ellen" last week, she told DeGeneres, also a big animal lover, about the cutie's naughty side. "What hasn't she eaten, seriously," Aniston told the host. "They're nothing but trouble. They seem like they're little mini Cujos, but then they go [cute] like that."

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