Jan. 8: On R. Kelly's 47th birthday, revisiting the sunken fortunes of his custom mansion

Jennifer Karmon
According to the <a href="http://yhoo.it/179Gvcf" target="_blank">rather breathless listing</a>, the home is "one of a kind" (a fact we won't dispute), with "an incredible amount of interior living space, over 14,500 square feet!"
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1 aerial undated The sorry fate of R. Kelly's custom mansion

R&B singer R. Kelly was born on this day in 1967. To mark the occasion, we're revisiting the sunken fortunes of his custom mansion, which we wrote about back in August.

He bought a home known locally as the McDonald's Mansion in Olympia Fields, Illinois, outside Chicago, back in the 1990s. James Maros, one of the original McDonald's franchisees, built the place. It had a porch that mimicked the Golden Arches, plus a kitchen modeled on a McDonald's restaurant that reportedly included a hamburger grill and milkshake dispensers as well as a fry station.

But Kelly didn't buy the McDonald's Mansion to live in it; he bought it to demolish it. Our August slideshow chronicled the bizarre fate of the mansion that he built in its place, which was once said to be worth more than $5 million. 

It sold in October at foreclosure auction for $587,100, according to Realtor.com.

Click here for the many details and before-and-after pictures of its decline.

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