Miss J Talks Head-to-Toe Red Carpet Style

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After spending nearly 10 years as Tyra Banks' most fabulous runway coach and fashion-forward judge on “America’s Next Top Model,” Miss J (Alexander) was unceremoniously booted from the reality-TV catwalk after Banks switched up her entire judging panel. But the author of “Follow the Model” certainly hasn’t lost his quick wit or snarky commentary when it comes to talking fashion. omg! caught up with the 54-year-old at Lifetime’s “Betty and Coretta” premiere in New York City to talk about the dos and don’ts of putting together the perfect red carpet look.Do keep couture in mind: “Just remember Fashion Week sets the tone, and a lot of people look to couture.”

Don’t wear a dress that is too long for your frame: “I wish that women who are 4-foot-2-inches would stop with the over-exaggerated trumpet bottom trains. They are just too big for the small people who choose them.”

Do make sure the dress fits: “If you borrow a dress, you need to see if it works, because they really don’t fit it to your height. If you get it custom, that’s a different story, because they match the proportions.”

Don’t try and work the thigh-high slit: “I think it is overdone. You know, everyone’s trying to do the Angelina now … J.Lo, Sofia Vergara.”

Do switch it up: “Sofia Vergara does the same dress every time and I wish she would do something [different]. It is so very, very, beautiful, very sexy, but … Sofia Vergara, one day show up with sleeves and I’ll be a happy homosexual. All of the stuff she wears is the same: tight, sexy, fitted.”

Do take risks: “For some reason I liked January Jones last week at the [SAG Awards]. She always takes a risk. Sometimes she ‘gets it,’ and she gets fashion. For the Golden Globes, I liked Kate Hudson. I like how she just didn’t give a s**t about her hair.”

Don’t layer on the bronzer: “I hate the over-bronzing of the body. They all end up looking like me, but this is a natural gift. [Like Lea Michele], don’t even get me started on her. Whenever I start to look like her, I change my look. I think she’s over-bronzed. The people who over-bronze then try and put on all the dark makeup, so it is the same shade as the neck. I think it is scary.”

Do go simple: “I like when they go simple. [Think] simple dress, but beautiful. Stop with all the heavy-bottomed big trains, especially if you can’t carry those.”

Don’t wear shoes that don’t fit: “They just put things on because it is a designer shoe, or a designer dress and they don’t fit. Girls stay away from a fashion stylist’s suggestion when the shoes don’t fit. Even when you’re wearing a long dress, if you can see that extra inch where your toes hangs over and there’s a gap in the back, I call it bologna and cheese. You know when the bologna and cheese is too big for the bread? And the toes hang out over the front of the heel like bologna and cheese?”

Do be cautious of your Spanx: “You have to be very careful with Spanx when you’re wearing high slits. Also, when you’re dress is too tight, because then the extra rolls over the extra fat and you get an extra waistline that you didn’t want when you left the house. When women do dress fittings they should take the undergarments that they’re going to wear with the dress and put it on.”

Don’t leave the house without looking in the mirror: “Everybody on TV, when I heard them call Jessica Chastain’s dress at the Golden Globes Fortuny pleats, I was sick to my stomach. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t think it was a Fortuny pleated dress. The way the dress was cut, it looked like she had two sets of boobs. She’s a beautiful woman, but she could have had a mammogram and a pedicure at the same time. Get a mirror and pose in it. I am sure she had many more options."

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