Kelly Osbourne: I Love Being Called ‘Queen of the Granny Girls’

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Kelly Osbourne finds it downright impossible to name just one look she's worn in the past that now makes her cringe.

"Do you have enough time? There are so many!," she told omg! at Lucky Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference in Los Angeles on Thursday. "But that's what's the most annoying part is that they're the gift that keeps on giving. People think they're being mean by tweeting me a picture of me looking s**t, and I'm like that was 10 years ago. And I've really changed, so thank you, you've made me feel really good that I don't look like that anymore!"

The 28-year-old "Fashion Police" panelists' favorite look is much easier for her to determine.

"I think my best outfit recently was when I did the Emmys, and I wore the purple Zac Posen dress — it was the same color as my hair — and I got to wear that [$250,000, black diamond] nail polish, which was incredible," she said.

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Osbourne's current clothing tastes range from designer red carpet gowns to looks that have a more punk, rock 'n' roll feel, similar to something her dad Ozzy might like. Just don't say she's adapting his style, as plenty of reports did recently when stepped out sporting round sunglasses and straight hair.

"I'm like, he's my dad, of course I'm going to look like him," Osbourne shared, adding that she has inherited plenty of things from her father other than his style sensibility. "I got a lot of his sense of humor, a lot of his naughtiness, and his mischievousness, but also, I got his heart, which is really — he's a great big softie underneath it all. Him and I both, we try to be like, 'Yeah, we can do this,' and then we're like [she lowers her voice], 'Oh, sorry.'"

The former reality star also opened up about her controversial lavender locks — which some have derided as old lady-ish — during her time onstage at the conference. It's become somewhat of a trend across the pond in her native England, she explained.

"Well in England, they've coined this phrase 'granny girls' and they've kind of started calling me 'Queen of the Granny Girls,' which I looove," revealed Osbourne, who was wearing a Karl Lagerfeld jacket over a Zara top and skirt, and Stella McCartney sandals. "I love it, because I did all the rinses and over the past five years, I've had blue, purple, pink … then I call this color lavender — it's this mix of blue, gray, and lavender —and so it's started this whole thing where all these young girls started to [do it] in England. And I get all these tweets, and I get so excited, when someone has done it, or they're like what dye did you use? Where did you find that? Because it is hard to get this color."

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Here are a few other fashion tidbits that Osbourne shared at the conference:

Style crush: I love Rihanna. We're completely opposite in the way we dress, but I love [that] she can go from street wear to couture and it's so effortless.

Style icon: Her mom Sharon Osbourne.

Favorite designers: Zac Posen, Betsy Johnson, Marc Jacobs, and Chanel.

Budget-friendly fashion tip: Put your money into your shoes, one handbag, and one nice blazer, and buy everything else vintage and [at more affordable stores], and nobody will know.

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