Fashion Designers Dissing Celebrities: The 5 Biggest Slams

Breanne L. Heldman
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It’s one thing when websites like us call out frightening outfits in galleries like our weekly installment of “What Were They Thinking?!” It’s quite another when the designers themselves publicly diss the stars who might just be wearing their costly clothes.

This can be especially shocking because most of the digs are coming from older, well-respected, A-list designers and they’re picking on celebrities many view as style icons.

And they definitely don’t care for celebrity clothing lines.

“Today, if you play tennis, you can be a really good designer,” Oscar de la Renta said while accepting an award from the Couture Council. “Or, if you’re an actress, you can be a designer. I’ve been at it for 45 years and I’m still learning my craft on a daily basis.”

When asked what he thought of celebrity clothing lines such as Adam Levine for Kmart and Katie Holmes for Holmes & Yang, youngster Christian Siriano told omg!, “The hardest thing is when people have no place in the industry. It’s a tough thing because there’s a lot of people that just don’t understand the business.”

Whether you like the stars whose style is being questioned by the big shots or not, we imagine these negative comments coming from such established couturiers hurts a little more than most. Here are the five biggest insults that have been hurled by some of the world’s most beloved artists.

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5. Marc Jacobs on Madonna

Despite becoming famous for the A-list front row he tends to have at his fashion shows, Jacobs was none too pleased when Madonna turned up to his September 2009 presentation – the one where Lady Gaga performed at the afterparty – uninvited. “She came backstage and I was like, ‘What do you do with her now?’ Because is not like she was invited,” he told recalling Madge’s arrival. “She just called and said she was coming, and we weren’t holding the show for her … At a certain point, it was like ‘Did anybody actually watch the show?’”

4. Unnamed Designers on Kim Kardashian

The reality star is one of the most famous women in America (nevermind why – just look at her!) but, when it came time for famed stylist Nicola Formichetti to dress her for an Elle magazine photo shoot, not every designer wanted to send over their sleek wares for her to wear. “People wouldn’t lend me the clothes,” Formichetti said. “But that’s fashion snobbery.” Fortunately, not every A-lister suffered from that affliction, as Kim wound up wearing pieces from Tom Ford, Roberto Cavalli, Oscar de la Renta, Viktor & Rolf, and David Yurman.

3. Vivienne Westwood on Kate Middleton

The celebrated British designer has actually cut the Duchess of Cambridge down twice! The first time, back in 2011, she took issue with the royal’s eye makeup and didn’t feel her style was “extraordinary” enough. Now, apparently, the pregnant 31-year-old’s wardrobe is too large. While promoting her London Fashion Week show this week, Westwood noted she felt Middleton should be recycling her outfits more. “I think it would be great if she wore the same clothes over and again, because that’s very good for the environment and it would send a nice message,” she said.

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2. Manolo Blahnik on Anne Hathaway and Amanda Seyfried

Apparently, the two “Les Miserables” starlets are utterly forgettable. Or, at least, so says the famous shoe designer who walked all over them (get it?) in the March issue of Interview. "I saw these girls like Sherilyn Fenn and Lara Flynn Boyle that should be working now instead of these anonymous girls,” he said. “They're all the same. I don't even know Amanda Seyfried or whatever – they're all the same … Anne Hathaway – pretty? Yes. Wonderful actress? Yes. But, I mean, I don't even remember her.” Ouch.

1. Karl Lagerfeld on Michelle Obama, Adele, and More

The Chanel designer is well known for giving his unadulterated opinion on the stars. His most recent victim was Michelle Obama, whom he described as dressing like a news anchor and declaring that her new bangs were “not a good idea.” The fashionisto previously came under fire for saying Pippa Middleton “should only show her back,” calling Adele “too fat,” and claiming Heidi Klum is insignificant in the world of high fashion. We’d make some pithy remark about the man with the big, gray ponytail, but we’re afraid we’ll be next on his list.

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