Christian Siriano Talks Spring Trends and Style Crushes

Breanne L. Heldman
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Fashion waits for no man.

Even though most of the country is still bundled up in their winter wear and having a hard time looking at the lighter clothes now coming into stores, New York Fashion Week is about to show us what’s cooking for the latter half of this year.

So, in order to curb our anxiety attacks, we hit up designer Christian Siriano, 27, to get his take on some of the spring and awards season trends before we have to wrap our heads around what to wear.

The winner of “Project Runway” season four says he sees Valentine’s Day in some of the upcoming warm-weather looks.

“I’m really into these pastel colors, these beautiful seafoams and baby pinks,”
he told omg!. “We were inspired by the ballet for my collection for spring, so very it’s romantic. I’ve noticed that women are really into that right now. In our store, they’re looking for more pretty, not as edgy – we’re getting a little bit away from that.”

In other words, no more spiked clothes and shoes that look like they could really hurt someone, especially the person wearing it (Editor’s note: Phew!). His other pick for spring is something anyone watching “Pretty Little Liars” and other fashionable shows should be able to guess.

“Metallics!” he declared. “We did this great little metallic pink oxford flat for Payless which is in stores right now and it’s so cute.”

The 27-year-old, who is gearing up for his 10th collection to show at New York Fashion Week, was as animated as ever when asked about styles he’s seeing that he just can’t stand.

“My thing is underdressing. When people are going to parties or events – or even just to their friend’s house for the weekend but it’s a bunch of people getting together – I feel like people are not dressing. They’re just throwing on sweatpants and casual,” he explained. “I think it’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed.”

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As for style crushes, some of Christian’s picks might surprise you. One of his favorites, a certain 21-year-old young lady, spent most of last year’s awards season on worst-dressed lists.

“I’m always a fan of Cate Blanchett – she’s always so chic and so amazing – and I love a cool girl like Rooney Mara,” he said. “I actually kind of love Shailene Woodley. I think that what she’s doing right now – she’s having her moment in Hollywood – and she’s being kind of quirky with it, which I really like. I think she takes risks and I think that’s great for a designer.”

Not so great for a designer? Any sort of fashion faux pas, especially when it happens to the designer himself.

“I was getting ready to do a talk show and I wore two different colored socks and, of course, it was a sit-down interview so when I cross my legs, everyone will see it,” he admitted.

Thanks to his new partnership with Bounce Dryer Bar, which removes static cling, he’s challenging others to come forward with their laughably embarrassing clothing mishaps. Post your story on for details on how to enter for the chance to win a shopping trip to NYC with Christian himself.

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