Carmelo Anthony Talks About His Winning Style – and We Don’t Mean Sinking Jump Shots

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Leading up to our interview with Carmelo Anthony, it was impossible not to say the hoops star's name in the exaggerated way the New Yorks Knicks announcer does each time the forward sinks a shot. And he seems genuinely amused when we greet him with our best "Carmeloooooo Anthonyyyyy." Flashing his trademark smile and nodding with approval, he says, "I like that. I like that a lot."

When we meet the 28-year-old at his home away from home – Madison Square Garden for Degree's Do:More event – it's not to talk basketball (we'll leave that to our buddies at Yahoo! Sports). Instead, it's to chat about his passions off the court, including his love of fashion, which is a family affair for him, his reality TV star wife, La La, and their 6-year-old-son, Kiyan.

"I think when it comes to style and fashion, it depends on who you are as a person," says Melo, who has ditched the baggy clothes he wore early in his career for a more tailored and refined look, like the custom Rag & Bone tuxedo he donned at the 2012 Met Costume Institute Gala. "I don't think you should look at somebody else and say: I want to dress like that."

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The NBA star lets comfort – and life – guide him when it comes to his personal style.

"It's whatever you're feeling that day. Whatever you want to put on that day. That's fashion," he says. "Fashion is life. And if you have on something that you feel good about yourself in, you did your job."

He admits he looks to his wife – the star of "La La's Full Court Life" and BFF of Kim Kardashian – to help guide him. Though, he says, she doesn't help him pick out his clothes.

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"I wish she did. She just gives me compliments if she likes something. And if she doesn't say anything, then I know that she doesn't like it," he laughs.

The couple's son – who has an adorable starring role in La La's Instagram stream – is into fashion, too.

"He really is," says Melo. "He dresses himself now. He has his own style, his own fashion sense. And he does good for the most part."

What's he like otherwise? "He's 6 going on 22," smiles the proud dad.

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As we wrapped up our chat, which also included his love of "Game of Thrones" (see what he said about filming a promo for the show), we couldn't help but sneak in one basketball question as the NBA playoffs loom — and he heats up the court with 50-point games. Or, rather, try to get him to promise that the Knicks will be going all the way this season. But he wouldn't bite.

"I can't make promises like that," he smiles. "Promises are meant to be broken."

Just like fashion rules.

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