‘Sunday Dinner With …’ Ep. 5: Larry King’s Revealing Family Dinner

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Larry King is used to getting the inside story from the thousands of famous folks he’s interviewed over his 55-year career as a broadcaster, but on the latest episode of “Sunday Dinner With …” the tables are turned on the 79-year-old.

While visiting Larry and family at their Los Angeles home, we get the lowdown on what life is really like in the King household. For starters, Larry admits he spends almost no time in the kitchen, wife Shawn recalls the first time she cooked her new husband a meal (he turned it down for having sauce), and 12-year-old son Cannon does one a pretty impressive imitation of his dad. But the biggest scoop we got from sitting down with Larry and his family and friends? The former CNN star is so ticklish he once broke up with a woman for touching his leg. Seriously!

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