‘Sunday Dinner With …’ Ep. 4: Billy Bush’s Fun Family Dinner

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TV and radio host Billy Bush may make his living reporting on the world of entertainment, but he's also big on entertaining at his Los Angeles home. On this episode of "Sunday Dinner With …," the 41-year-old hosts a holiday dinner with his wife, Sydney; their three daughters, Mary, Lily, and Josephine; and his flirtatious father-in-law Clifford, whom Bush describes as an "old-school, Deep South, Mississippi River hand" who wasn't too keen on a "Yankee" dating his daughter back when Sydney and Billy first met. Sit down with the whole family over roast and red wine and find out what they're thankful for this year, why the kids need to keep their eyes on their plates when their dad's around, and why you can't stop Billy from carving the turkey.

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