‘Sunday Dinner With …’ Ep. 11: Lisa Rinna’s Dinner With Friends

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Actress Lisa Rinna is one of those celebs who says what she thinks. And on the latest episode of "Sunday Dinner With ...," the 49-year-old shares plenty.

She leaves hubby Harry Hamlin and their two kids at home and heads to her "bestie" Jana's house for a healthy dinner of organic chicken, veggies, and vegan brownies. The former soap star reveals why joining "Melrose Place" back in the '90s was the best decision she ever made, why the first two weeks she spent on "Celebrity Apprentice" were the worst of her life, and how she's dealt with rejection over the years.

"[It's a] very difficult thing when someone's telling you no and you're wrong and you're not pretty enough or you're too old or you're too young," says Rinna. "Love yourself and accept yourself the way you are and ... continue to go for your dream."

So pull up a chair, and join Lisa and her pals for dinner plenty of conversation. Oh, and also find what a Guncle is while you're at it ...

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