‘Sunday Dinner With…’ Ep. 1: Scott Wolf’s party of eight

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Yahoo! editors have selected this article as a favorite of 2012. This ran back in October, and users had a lot to say about Wolf's beloved TV show "Party of Five" and his adorable dog.

Guess who's coming to dinner! "Sunday Dinner With…" is a new online series that invites viewers into the homes of celebrities as they prepare a meal and host an intimate dinner party for the people in their inner circle. For the premiere episode, former "Party of Five" star Scott Wolf and his wife, Kelley Limp (who you might remember from "The Real World: New Orleans"), welcomed the cameras into their Los Angeles abode as they kicked back with family and friends, including Scott's older brother Michael and cousin Danny, who weigh in and joke about everything from Scott's beard ("he's waited a long time to be able to grow that") to the fact that one of the nicest guys in Hollywood is "really actually an %#$hole."

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