Maria Menounos Flashes Diamond on Her Ring Finger

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Is Maria Menounos engaged?

The former "Dancing With the Stars" contestant showed off a sparkly new ring on her ring finger Tuesday while filming her show "Extra" at The Grove in L.A. Her reps did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the meaning of the new rock; however, an engagement would make sense.

She's dated documentary producer Keven Undergaro for almost 15 years, and they've even talked about taking the plunge in the past. "I think there was definitely a moment where we could have done it," Menounos, 34, explained to Bethenny Frankel on her talk show in July. "And then there were family things and we were like, 'No. Not the right time.'" She continued, "And then after that, we got so busy. And we kind of realized, 'Well, do we really need to get married?' I don't know. And that's still kind of a question in my mind: Are you supposed to get married? Do you have to get married? It doesn't look like it works out that well a lot unfortunately, so it scares me."

Conveniently enough, Menounos will confront this question of whether to marry in a new Oxygen reality show about her life that begins filming next month. The Boston native revealed to Boston Magazine that her relationship will be a focus of the show.

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When asked whether it would address her personal life, Menounos didn't hesitate to say yes, especially since it's different than people might expect.

"My parents live with us most of the year and we all work together [on the house and on set], so we don't have the typical Hollywood life – other than the fact that we work in it and yes, we're afforded so many wonderful opportunities because of it," Menounos said. "The whole marriage-and-kids topic is definitely a big part of the show because Kevin and I will have been together 15 years this April, and we're not married and we don't have kids. My parents are definitely pressuring for both."

Whether or not the new bling means that she's finally prepared to tie the knot, it should make an excellent plot point for her show.

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