Lindsay Lohan Is Her Boyfriend’s ‘Biggest Supporter’

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Lindsay Lohan has found a new addiction: her boyfriend's band.

The troubled star has been following around New York-based City of the Sun, which features her new beau, Avi Snow, on guitar.

After catching them perform live in Manhattan (and missing a flight to Los Angeles for her March 18 court appearance) and in Santa Monica, California, twice in one week, the 26-year-old was once again in the audience for the band's performance on Tuesday night at L.A.'s Bootleg Bar.

Not only did she tweet about their show beforehand, she posted a photo of herself pretending to play Snow's acoustic guitar afterward. On Wednesday afternoon, she made the pic her default image.

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And although she might be coming off like a groupie, Snow is lapping up the attention. "She's really awesome, and she's a lot of fun," he told E! News after City of the Sun's concert on Tuesday. "I would definitely call her one of our biggest supporters."

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While Lohan was dating Samantha Ronson, the actress was a fixture at her DJ booth when she spun records at clubs from NYC to L.A. And before that, she was often spotted at 30 Seconds to Mars concerts during the time she was reportedly seeing Jared Leto, her co-star in 2007's "Chapter 27," and she even sported a bracelet with the rock band's logo on it.

Do you think Lohan's new romance will survive her 90-day rehab stay?

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