Levi Johnston dons camouflage while tying the knot with Sunny Oglesby

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Sorry, ladies — Levi Johnston is off the market!

Bristol Palin's baby daddy married his girlfriend, Sunny Oglesby, in Wasilla, Alaska, on Sunday. The couple — who welcomed a daughter, Breeze Beretta, in September — exchanged vows in front of about 100 friends and family members during the evening affair. "Inside Edition," which will run a story about the wedding on Wednesday, reports that Levi was a nervous groom and that he was sweating profusely during the ceremony. He also became tongue-tied during his vows at one point saying, "To have and to hold — whatever you say," which made guests laugh.

As far as wedding attire, it should come as no surprise that Johnston wore a black suit accessorized with what appeared to be a camouflage vest and bowtie! The 22-year-old has long been a fan of the military print. Just last month, when he showed off the first photos of his daughter, who was controversially named after the firearm, he was dressed head to toe in the pattern. And his wedding dreams have long included the look. Back when he was going to marry Palin, with whom he has a 4-year-old son, Tripp, he planned to wear a camo vest. Meanwhile, bride Sunny went the more traditional route. The petite blonde wore a strapless white gown with beading on the front. She carried a white bouquet.

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The only thing that was missing from the ceremony was little Tripp. Johnston told "Inside Edition" that Palin, who has been in Los Angeles where she recently competed on "Dancing With the Stars," would not allow the boy to go the wedding. He then admitted that he didn't actually tell his ex when the nuptials were going to take place. He only asked if he could have Tripp for the weekend and she said no. "I wanted him to be my ring bearer," Johnston told the TV show.

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Someone who did make it to the wedding was Johnston's sister, Mercede. Throughout the night, she tweeted photos of herself with the bride and groom, and also shared her well wishes. "Congrats to my Brother Levi and his lovely bride Sunny!" she wrote.

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Last month, Johnston, who is an electrician back in Alaska, discussed his wedding plans and his relationship with the pre-school teacher. "Things are good," he told "Inside Edition." "We're happy at night. We're a family, and that's good." He also said he is done with the Hollywood lifestyle that he so eagerly embraced after Sarah Palin's failed vice presidential run thrust him into the spotlight in 2008. "You couldn't pay me enough to go back to that place," he said. "It just wasn't who I was."

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