Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick take (time out for each other in) Miami 2

Suzy Byrne
Suzy Byrne
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Taking a break from his busy clubbing schedule, Scott Disick spent time with his lady love, Kourtney Kardashian, who has been in the Sunshine State shooting "Kourtney & Kim Take Miami."

On Friday, the eldest Kardashian sibling emerged from her beachfront hotel wearing a blue chambray dress with beige stiletto heels to take a stroll with Scott. The 33-year-old mom pushed her infant daughter, Penelope, in a stroller around the property while Scott, 29, who had on one of his 1,000 or so pairs of loafers, walked beside her. The day before, the couple left both of their kids behind when they boarded a speedboat for a day trip around Miami Beach. Kourtney had on a flowing purple patterned dress and gladiator sandals for the ocean adventure. Scott, again in loafers (sigh!), gallantly helped the mother of his children on and off the boat. When they were finished, they walked off holding hands. Later, they had lunch with her brother, Rob, and the conversation appeared to get heated.

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We see so many photos of Scott partying from coast to coast that we sometimes forget that he and Kourtney are even a couple. He may forget, too. According to reports, he missed the annual Kardashian family Christmas card photo shoot, which must have greatly annoyed matriarch Kris, who orchestrates the over-the-top event each year. So where was Scott? Las Vegas. He is said to have ditched the family for a nightclub appearance. Although he wasn't there in person for the main photo shoot, he will still be included on the Christmas card. He'll reportedly pose separately and will be Photoshopped in with the rest of the Kardashian krew.

Although Kourtney and Scott's relationship always seems like it's drama-filled, Kim recently noted that things are excellent between them. "They are better than ever," Kourtney's little sis, who has been busy with her own romance with Kanye West, recently told Us Weekly. "I feel bad Scott gets such a bad rap. Good thing they're too busy being parents to pay attention to nonsense!"

Kourtney also spoke to the magazine, saying, "We are good right now with how things are. We're just trying to figure out our new life with two kids."

Are they so "good" that they'll finally tie the knot? Earlier this week, Kourtney blogged about a "special surprise" she had coming up, which brought most of her family to Miami. She noted that the big event will "air at the end of October."

For a split second we wondered if perhaps it could be Kourtney and Scott's wedding, but then we thought better of it. He probably has a club opening that day.

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