Katy Perry and John Mayer’s Romantic Getaway in Her Hometown

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Nothing like showing the world you're really serious about your on-again, off-again boyfriend like taking him on a trip down memory lane in your hometown. That's what pop star Katy Perry did this week when boyfriend John Mayer accompanied her on a getaway to Santa Barbara, California, the coastal town where she grew up.

While there, the couple toured the popular tourist attraction Old Mission Santa Barbara, which was established in 1786. We're not sure if the musical twosome was trying to disguise themselves in those jackets and cowboy-esque hats or were touring a local ranch next, but dressing alike seems like a good sign for their relationship!

The musicians got together earlier this summer, broke up in August, then reunited in September, and are apparently still going strong: "When they got to the mission, they were holding hands and laughing and when they visited the balcony of the building, they kissed a few times. It was really romantic," a photographer told X17 Online. "They were so in love. They were all over each other the whole time, and this was a total lovers' getaway."

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Perry, 28, and Mayer, 35, were also spotted enjoying lunch together at a Santa Barbara outdoor café later in the week, but for those waiting to see whether the "California Gurls" songstress will be introducing her beau to her Christian minister parents while back in town, well, Mayer's off the hook for now since Katy's mom and dad currently live more than three hours away in the San Diego area.

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Back when Perry was married to actor Russell Brand (they split last December), rumors swirled that her parents were less than thrilled with their son-in-law, but according to reports, Mr. and Mrs. Hudson (Perry is Katy's mom's maiden name) do prefer Mayer over Brand.

And why wouldn't they? The guy tours churches in his free time.

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