Everything You Need to Know About Keira Knightley’s New Husband, James Righton

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Congratulations are in order for Keira Knightley, who married James Righton on Saturday.

In honor of the momentous occasion, here's everything you need to know about the 28-year-old British beauty's chap!

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He's a celeb in his own right.
The 29-year-old musician isn’t just jamming in his garage. Righton’s indie rock band, Klaxons, won the prestigious Mercury Prize for the best album in the United Kingdom for their debut album in 2007. (Coldplay, Radiohead, U2, Sting, and Amy Winehouse are just some of the acts that have been nominated for the prize and lost.) They continue to tour and record.

Righton plays the keyboard and sometimes sings for the band, which is credited with creating the "new rave" movement in music. What do you think?

He's a former English teacher.
Audiences know how much Knightley adores literature, having starred in period pieces such as "Anna Karenina," "Pride and Prejudice," and "The Duchess." Righton appreciates words as well, and once taught the subject in his hometown of Stratford-Upon-Avon across the pond.

He really owes one to Alexa Chung.
Righton met his wife when their mutual friend, former MTV star and current style icon Alexa Chung, introduced them. They began dating in 2011, became engaged last year, and now live together in East London … where they presumably have Chung over for dinner regularly.

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He has an adorable, thick British accent.
Thankfully, all that touring to other countries with his band has not diminished Righton's accent. Check out a video interview he did a few years ago to hear for yourself.

He's close with his dad.
When Righton and Knightley became engaged in 2012, Nick Righton revealed to the local newspaper, the Stratford Herald, that his son and the bride-to-be were "over the moon." "They're a truly lovely couple," Nick Righton raved. "You can tell with some people if they’re made for each other and these two definitely are."

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