Brad Pitt: I Will Marry Angelina Jolie ‘Soon’

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At long last, wedding bells for Brangelina!

Since Brad Pitt popped the question to Angelina Jolie last April, the couple has remained vague about their wedding plans, prompting some to wonder if their engagement will last as long as their seven-year courtship. However, in a new interview the 48-year-old actor, who has six children with Jolie, hints that the big day is imminent.

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"I am getting more pressure from my kids, and it is something I want to do within their lifetime, but I also feel like the time has come," Pitt told People at a screening of his latest film, "Killing Them Softly," on Monday. "The time is nigh. It's soon. I got a good feeling about it."

But don't try to pin down Pitt with an exact date. "We really don't [have one]," the actor, who has had a notoriously wishy-washy stance on marriage, told Extra on Monday. "I don't know what's going to happen in two weeks. I certainly don't know what the new year is going to bring!" He then joked, "We may just tape it and then you can air it!"

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Pitt and Jolie, 37, memorably met on the set of "Mr. and Mrs. Smith" when he was still married to Jennifer Aniston. Although they initially denied a romance, just months after Pitt and Aniston announced their divorce, he was photographed with Jolie and her son Maddox on a remote beach in Kenya. Pitt later adopted Maddox and the couple quickly expanded their brood to include a total of six children. Early in their relationship, Pitt and Jolie publicly vowed that they wouldn't marry until all citizens had the right to marry, they later changed their stance on the subject, noting that their children had been urging them to make it official.

On Monday, Pitt told People that marriage didn't only become important to his children, it became significant to him. "We've had a family, we've raised the kids," he said. "I am surprised how much [marriage] meant to me once you had that."

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While Pitt is in New York promoting "Killing Them Softly," Jolie and the children are in Cambodia working on the Maddox Jolie-Pitt Foundation. But last week the actress made time to host a screening of her old friend Ewan McGregor's film "The Impossible" in London. Making her first red carpet appearance in months, Jolie donned a curve-hugging black dress for the November 18 event. She also spoke to the group about how the Scottish actor's performance brought her — and Pitt — to tears.

"You rarely see this emotion from a man on screen and I called [McGregor] later to tell him how much he made me cry," she told USA Today. "I was crying, and I looked over at Brad and he was crying. It's just really, really powerful. As an actor, I'm in awe."

Hmmm … wonder if McGregor will make the cut on the wedding guest list?

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