What Their Body Language Says: Halle Berry and fiancé Oliver Martinez


Halle Berry is so in love with her fiancé Oliver Martinez that she wants to move to his native France to be closer to him — and bring her 4-year-old daughter Nahla with her. But on a lunch date to L.A. Mexican hot spot Pink Taco on Thursday, the engaged couple didn't really look like one that's ready to make that giant next step.

"Basically, the bloom is off the rose in terms of their romance," body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells omg! after examining the photo of Berry and Martinez, both 46. "She's giving him literally what is known as the cold shoulder. When a person has the shoulder up, that is not a good sign in a relationship. There's too much distance between them. You could fit another person between them, and that's not good in a relationship. Also, their feet are not pointing in each other's direction, which is also a very bad sign. Their hips are apart, so they could have some problems in their sexual relationship."

Dr. Glass, author of The Body Language Advantage, also notes the "muscle tension" in Martinez's face and the fact that Berry is shoving her left hand — which holds her 4-carat emerald engagement ring — in her pocket. The gesture translates to being "self-protective and hiding something, like her feelings or her anger toward him."

Unfortunately, their romance, which first blossomed on the set of "Dark Tide" in 2010, "does not look very promising" to Dr. Glass. "Granted this is based on one picture, but in one picture you can tell a thousand words because the body doesn't lie."

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