What Their Body Language Says: Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale … and the Nanny

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Gavin Rossdale definitely has some explaining to do. On Sunday, while wife Gwen Stefani was busy performing with No Doubt at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles, the Bush rocker went on a hike with their two sons, Kingston and Zuma … and their nanny, a dead ringer for a 20-years-younger Stefani. That wouldn't be so strange since the blond nanny is always with the family, but it was the way-too-intimate contact between Rossdale and the young woman that has raised a few eyebrows.

In a photo from their afternoon excursion, the 47-year-old singer is seen with his hand on the nanny's bottom as they're walking along a trail with one of his sons, presumably 4-year-old Zuma since the nanny was snapped giving him a piggyback ride in another pic. "When someone touches another below the waist, they are being way too familiar," body language expert Dr. Lillian Glass tells omg!. "Any employer knows that you never touch an employee's butt, so it raises suspicion as to what is really going on here."

Could Rossdale be pulling a Jude Law? It's unclear, but his wife doesn't seem pleased. On Tuesday morning, the couple put up a reunited front as they dropped Zuma off at his school — but Stefani's feelings were written all over her face. Dr. Glass notes that Rossdale is walking two steps away from his wife, who has the family dog in between her and her husband of 10 years, and the "Rich Girl" singer "is looking down." To further add fuel to the fire, after Rossdale and Stefani dropped off Zuma … they left in separate cars.

Stefani, 43, has been very open about her struggles with Rossdale, who she has been with since 1995. She told Harper's Bazaar in September that she's constantly in a full face of makeup because "I like to make my husband like me more. And he likes it when I'm wearing makeup."

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