Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's New Duets: One Nerve-Wracking, the Other No Problem

Wendy Geller
Our Country

Country's favorite couple has a little something going on the side.

Yes, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert each have a new duet coming out in the next few months. Shelton recorded a song with fellow "Voice" judge Shakira for her latest release. And Lambert revealed this week that she has a song on her upcoming album, "Platinum," featuring none other than Carrie Underwood.

However, the couple reported very different experiences recording these tracks. While Shelton was cool as a cucumber when it came to working with Shakira, Lambert claimed to be a "bucket of nerves" over her collaboration with Underwood.

"To me, this [was] such a big deal," Lambert recently told People Country about approaching Underwood. "It took me forever to write the email to ask her; like I was writing to someone I had a crush on and you don't want to mess it up."

It took a week for Underwood to respond — causing Lambert to fret to her husband that the former "American Idol" winner "probably hated the song" and was never going to talk to her again. Fortunately (for Lambert's peace of mind), Underwood eventually did reply, stating that the tune was "awesome."

The two singers met in the studio to lay down the track. However, Lambert was still feeling shaky about measuring up to the task.

"When she came in the studio I was writing to Blake, 'I'm in over my head, I don't know what I've done!'," Miranda recalled. "When you respect someone like that, you get so nervous." Luckily, Lambert did manage to calm her nerves and record the song, "Somethin' Bad," which turned out to be anything but bad!

Meanwhile, Shelton had a totally different duet experience than his wife's nerve-wracking project. Shakira, who wanted to shake things up a bit by getting out of her Los Angeles comfort zone, turned to her "Voice" co-star for help in setting up a Nashville recording session.

They ended up getting in touch with two Music City stalwarts — songwriter Hillary Lindsey and producer Mark Bright — for assistance on the collaboration. Once the track was finished, Shelton pronounced that Shakira had done a "hell of a job" and that they had a hit on their hands. The country-pop tune is called "Medicine" and will be on Shakira's new self-titled album, out March 25 (and also featuring a sizzling duet with Rihanna).

Scary or smooth-sailing, duets hold a special place for both Shelton and Lambert. The couple first met when they were paired together for CMT's "100 Greatest Duets" concert in 2005. Their chemistry during the performance was undeniable, and Sheltong later told VH1 interview, "Looking back on that [moment], I was falling in love with her right there onstage." Awww!