Paris Hilton Bans Australian News Station From Red Carpet After ‘Offensive’ Question


The possibility of losing her fame is clearly a touchy subject for Paris Hilton. The heiress banned an Australian TV station from attending the red carpet for the grand opening of the Marquee nightclub in Sydney — all because the reporter asked her what she planned to do with her life once she's no longer famous. Hilton, 31, initially seemed unfazed by the question and smiled sweetly throughout her answer, "I just want to be able to have children and have a normal life and just be with my kids." But once the camera turned off, Channel 7 reporter Edwina Bartholomew was informed that Hilton was "so offended" by the question that she demanded it not be included in the station's broadcast … or else.

"Unfortunately, as my mother will tell you, I don't like being told what to do," joked Bartholomew as she introduced her interview with Hilton — which featured the "insulting" question. The clip also includes both Hilton's rep and the heiress herself approaching the reporter before the interview was about to begin to go over what questions she was going to ask — but not before she also demanded the camera be turned off. According to Bartholomew, Hilton was not open to discussing her ex-BFF Kim Kardashian, her jail stint, and her sex tape, "One Night in Paris." (So then what else is there to ask?)

Amongst the topics Hilton was happy to talk about was her new boyfriend, DJ Afrojack, who was also performing for the opening of the Marquee, as well as her trip to the local Bondi Beach. But did she go in for a dip? "I was going to go swimming, but it got a little crazy on the beach, there were so many people," replied Hilton, as she twirled her hair. "Also, I knew I was doing these interviews today …" "And you didn't want to do your hair again?" asked the reporter? "Exactly," agreed Hilton.

Wow, breaking news, Paris!

Watch Hilton's hilarious interview:

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