Lindsay Lohan to Play Victoria Gotti?

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Is Lindsay Lohan going to get back on the acting wagon and finally nail down a film role this year?

The embattled actress, who has spend more time in court than on screen over the past few years -- her last leading role in a film was back in 2007 -- is on the verge of nabbing the role of infamous crime boss "Dapper Don" John Gotti's daughter Victoria in the biopic, "Gotti: Three Generations." John Travolta, 57, has been cast to play the Don himself.

At a press conference held in New York on Tuesday, Travolta said he'd be thrilled for Lohan to play his on-screen daughter. "I know whatever she would like to do would be great," said Travolta, adding, "I know first hand, Lindsay happens to be a very big fan of mine from years ago when she was a little girl and liked ['Grease's'] Danny Zuko and ['Welcome Back Kotter's'] Vinny Barborino, so I always thought she was gorgeous and talented and filled with a lot of depth!"

Though nothing has been finalized yet, Lohan herself sounds like she's ready to get back in the saddle. "I've been speaking to some of the producers... and we're discussing me possibly having a role in the film, which is very exciting," she told "Access Hollywood" at the press conference, adding, "I think it's an amazing story in the things that the Gottis have gone through over the years and just everything that comes with that family. I think it is an incredible story to tell."

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Lindsay also has a fan in Victoria Gotti, who has reportedly given the "Mean Girls" star her stamp of approval, and it sounds like the admiration is mutual. "Victoria is a very strong woman and I really appreciate and respect that," said Lohan.

"I've never portrayed someone that I know in a film, so this would be the first, which is very exciting," continued Lohan of Victoria, adding, "She's good friends with my mom, [Dina], and I met Mr. Gotti when I was younger, too -- when I was three -- which is really funny."

Though you might think it's all the time she's spent in court lately that makes Lohan perfect for the role, the actress herself claims she can relate to the Gottis for a different reason: "It's a Long Island family, it's just like mine."




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