Lindsay Lohan Gets Into Another Fight … at the Same Club: Report


What's the excuse going to be this time? For the second time in two weeks, Lindsay Lohan has reportedly gotten into a fight — and at the same nightclub no less! TMZ reports that the sometimes-actress was partying with her once-estranged father Michael Lohan at Smoke and Mirrors inside The Standard Hotel in West Hollywood on Wednesday night when she got into a verbal altercation with a woman at the next table. According to the report, the woman made a snide remark about Lindsay being with her fame-seeking dad, prompting Lindsay to storm over to the table and scream, "Shut the f--k up!" The woman's response? She reportedly threw her drink at the 26-year-old star, soaking her with alcohol. And that's when Michael dragged Lindsay out of the club.

What's maybe more perplexing than Lindsay getting into her second fight just three weeks after her probation ended is that she was out with her father, who has repeatedly gone to the press with stories about his daughter and her wild ways. The TMZ story also reveals that Michael was only at The Standard with Lindsay because she called him looking for help after her friend struck another car in the parking garage — but then the two went into the club for some sober fun.

Police are still investigating Lindsay's first run-in with a Standard patron, which went down April 5. According to the victim, Marisa Dugas, the starlet shoved her in the back after she saw Dugas talking to a male friend in her group. Although Lindsay immediately cried foul and claimed she had been at home watching TV all night and not at the club, security tape from that night proves otherwise. (Surprise, surprise.) Radar Online reports that the hotel was ordered to turn over the video to police, and in it Lindsay can clearly be seen partying with her friends inside the club. Once that piece of info came out, Lindsay's rep Steven Honig changed his tune on her innocence. "We're going to wait for the Sheriff's Department to release their findings before we comment any further," he now says.

We can't wait to hear what story Lindsay comes up with next!

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