Lindsay Lohan Defends Herself Against Nightclub Assault: ‘It’s One Big Lie’


Well, that didn't take long. A little more than a week after Lindsay Lohan's probation finally ended, she's been hit with an assault accusation by a woman who claims the sometimes-actress attacked her in a nightclub Thursday night. It all went down at The Standard in West Hollywood, California, just one day after Lohan was spotted partying with Robert Pattinson at Pour Vous until the wee hour of the mornings. According to the battery report the woman filed with police, Lohan, 25, shoved her for talking to her male friend during a wild night inside the club. According to TMZ, the alleged victim claims Lohan inflicted injuries to her back and there are visible bruises.

Naturally, Lohan is denying all charges, just as she always does whenever her bad behavior is reported. "Lindsay was never at the club and the whole thing is one big lie," claims her rep, Steve Honig. "Whomever started this will be held accountable for their malicious and unfounded accusations." According to TMZ, Lohan told their source that she was home the night in question watching a "Homeland" marathon.

Lohan's probation was jeopardized just days before it formally ended when a man accused her of striking him with her car. Lohan insisted the story was "absurd" and that she had never even made it into the club because she was so freaked out by the paparazzi — yet there are no photos of the incident, just video taken after she fled the scene, which shows her suddenly sitting in the passenger seat.

The troubled actress has always had rather creative excuses for her behavior. In April 2010, she missed a scheduled court appearance because she claimed someone had stolen her passport while she was vacationing in France. During the same trip, a photo surfaced of Lohan sitting on a bed with friends with lines of cocaine on a table in front of her. When questioned, she said it was a set-up and she never even noticed the drug sitting there. "I wasn't looking around the room," noted Lohan. "I thought I was just taking a picture with a fan." And her best excuse? When she was pulled over in July 2007 for DUI and police discovered cocaine in her pocket — but Lohan stated the pants were "not mine."

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