Levi Johnston to Be a Dad … Again


Four years ago, Levi Johnston was just an average high school hockey player from Alaska. That was, of course, until he got girlfriend Bristol Palin pregnant … right around the time her mother, Sarah Palin, was inexplicably tapped to become the Republican vice presidential candidate. Suddenly, 17-year-old Levi was a household name, on stage with Senator John McCain at the Republican National Convention, being trailed by paparazzi, and getting ready to marry his baby mama.

After the election was over, son Tripp was born in December 2008, and Levi and Bristol inevitably split — but the guy seemed to get even hungrier for media attention. In an attempt to stay in the same spotlight as long as his ex by any means necessary, he did talk shows, bashed Governor Palin, appeared in Playgirl magazine, and hit the red carpet on the arm of none other than Kathy Griffin.

Though his 15 minutes of fame eventually faded, the now-21-year-old has managed to get his name back in the headlines. How? By doing what he does best … becoming an out-of-wedlock father.

The latest young woman to carry a Johnston bun in the oven is Sunny Oglesby, a 20-year-old teacher from — where else? — Wasilla, Alaska. While his rep confirmed to Us Weekly that he is indeed going to become a dad again, not much other info has surfaced about the future mother of Levi's second child, other than the fact she's about three months along, according to TMZ, which broke the story. The gossip site also reported that Levi has told friends he barely gets to see 3-year-old Tripp since the Palins have alienated him and is therefore "so excited" about starting another family.

As excited as he was about starting that modeling career?

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