Jon Gosselin’s New Reality

Lizbeth Scordo

It might seem hard to believe, but therewas a time when the world didn't know the names Jon and KateGosselin, and the most publicity the couple got was via their local paper afterKate gave birth to sextuplets (Jon and Kate already had twins at home),prompting the happy couple's suburban community to rally around them, makingdiaper donations to help out this cute new family of 10.

That, of course, was before the Gosselins went from humaninterest story to tabloid drama.

After five seasons of the seemingly innocuous TLC realityshow "Jon and Kate Plus 8," (which actually started out as aDiscovery Health special ... I mean, those rarely lead toscandal!)  things, well, fell apart. The couple started having problems. Astory ran about Jon partying with young gals at a local bar. The husband andwife started bashing each other in the press and on their ownshow. Rumors started swirling about Kate hooking up with the family'sbodyguard while Jon got a bachelor pad in Manhattan and started dating a stringof women as the two fought over who would see the kids when. Jon and Katedivorced after a decade of marriage. Then the unthinkable happened. Kate gothair extensions, a spray tan, and went on "Dancing With the Stars."

These days, while Kate, 36, her 7-year-old tups, and10-year-old twins are still in front of the cameras on their new semi-regularreality show, named, almost tragically, "Kate Plus 8," dad Jon hasslowly faded from the spotlight.

So what's he been up to? Installing solar farms,apparently. In what Jon, 34, says is his last time talking to the press, hetells Life & Style he's just trying to work, support his kids, and have arelatively normal life again (with a new girlfriend, of course). "I reallydon't miss anything about the reality TV life, to be honest," he says."It just wasn't for me. I've basically just kind of reinvented my life allover again. I just want to give this new life of mine a huge shot and I want tostick with it. I really want to say that this is my last interview."

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